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Fake Police

Hamden Police Nab Rider of “Police” Bike

Police in Hamden, CT last week arrested a motorcyclist on a variety of charges after spotting him run a red light on a "police" bike, which was actually a dirt bike equipped with siren as well red and blue flashing lights. The bike had the word … [Read More...]

1-Superleggera - distance

Superleggera Draws Attention At IMOC

STURBRIDGE, MA - Of all the motorcycles at IMOC today, there was one that drew more gawkers than all the others. The reasons were numerous. It's expensive, rare and, if Ducati's claims are to be believed, it has the best power-to-weight ratio of any … [Read More...]


New England Represented In Motorcycle Cannonball

Dan Emerson of Connecticut at 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball New England is well represented in this year's Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run with three participants from Connecticut and one each from New Hampshire and Vermont. There are also seven … [Read More...]


EBR Plans Demo Tour For 1190SX

EBR plans a demo tour for the 1190SX model this month with four stops in New England, three in New Jersey and one in New York. The tour kicks off  next Wednesday at Big Boyz Toyz in Marlboro, NY, followed by stops at EBR Metuchen in Metuchen, NJ … [Read More...]

Safe Riding By Steve Smith…

More "Safe Riding" by Steve Smith

Dealer Perspective By Bob Rosen

More "Dealer Perspective" by Bob Rosen

Ride New England By Bud Wilkinson


A Backroads Buildup To Big W’s BBQ

One of the pleasures of motorcycling is spotting a previously-unexplored road and, on a whim, taking it. Sometimes the result is a dead end. A more common outcome is discovering a route that becomes … [Read More...]


Street Stuff Grills A Triumph Thruxton

Mention the word “grill” and I’m apt to smile. For me, the word doesn’t only conjure up an image of a backyard barbecue or a heavily-chromed front end of a car produced by Detroit automakers in the … [Read More...]

1-Indian guys

Vintage Indian Chiefs At Brit Jam

EAST HAMPTON, CT - Maybe it's because some friends rebuild vintage Indians. Or maybe it's because a late riding buddy owned an old Indian Chief. Or maybe it's because the revived Indian models have … [Read More...]